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Standart There's A First Time For Everything

There's A First Time For EverythingI was in my second year of college when it happened and while most had to put up with annoying roommates who left their dirty laundry on the floor and almost always had a sock on the door I got lucky with my roommate. A beautiful brown skinned girl named Margaret who instantly went from stranger to best friend. She was had the most beautiful deep brown eyes i'd ever seen and long black hair that stopped just about the small of her back. She was perfect. Now, I wouldn't necessarily say that I am a lesbian but I know for a fact that the line that is my sexuality isn't straight either. Anyway it started on a Thursday night. I was in our dorm room writing on a pad of paper when Margaret came bursting through the door. I jumped, startled by her loud entrance. She slammed the door behind her and jumped on my bed. Her eyes were wide and sparkling with excitement and her smile was bright, genuine and infectious. I grinned back at her, *quot;What is it?*quot; *quot;I need your help with something?*quot; she said. *quot;Is it school related?*quot; *quot;No.*quot; she answered as she began to fumble with her fingers. *quot;Actually it's sexual.*quot; The pen and pad dropped out of my grasp. My interest was piqued. *quot;What?*quot; *quot;I need you to teach me how to masturbate.*quot; she whispered. I squinted my eyes at her looking for a sign that she was that was some kind of joke. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink. She was blushing! Margaret was good when it came to practical jokes but not this good. She was telling the truth! She didn't know how to masturbate and she wanted me to teach her. *quot;Why do you need me to teach you how to masturbate?*quot; escort bayan I asked curiously*quot;I know I'm not ready for sex. I'm irresponsible and a push-over and I can barely remember to eat breakfast in the morning let alone take some birth control pill.*quot; She was right. She was irresponsible, *quot;Why do you need a teacher when you have a perfectly good working computer sitting on top of your desk.*quot; *quot;I just can't get the hang of it.*quot; *quot;The hang of it?*quot; I asked in disbelief. She took a hold of my hand and looked at me with those big pleading eyes, *quot;Please, Candace! You have no idea how horny I am! I feel like I'm about to burst into flames at any second now!*quot; I wanted to say no but I knew it would be pointless Candace could never let anything go. She came from a wealthy family and was used to getting her way. *quot;Alright.*quot; I said giving in. *quot;Oh, thank you!*quot; she said wrapping her arms around my neck. I rolled my eyes and got off the bed. I locked the door and pulled up one of the two black chairs on wheels while she sat anxiously on my bed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, *quot;Okay, the first thing to masturbation is getting relaxed. Are you relaxed?*quot; I asked her. She eagerly nodded her head. *quot;Okay now you can start teasing yourself. No one knows your body better than you do. Play with your breasts, rub your thighs, whatever gets you going.*quot; She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall behind her. She reluctantly lifted her hands and placed them on her big tits. She started to rub them through the lit pink cashmere sweater she wore. My clit started to tingle. I pressed my thighs together tuzla genç escort and wriggled a bit in a failing attempt to rid myself of the sensation. *quot;Now what?*quot; she asked in a sexy, breathy voice. *quot;Pinch and play with your nipples.*quot; I commanded. She took of the sweater and threw it to the floor revealing a white lace bra. One by one she took out her big breasts and began to play and rub on her nipples. I put my face in my hands. What am I doing? I wondered to myself. Sitting up straight and removing my hands I watched as she played with her breasts, her lips making an 'O' shape. I felt my nipples harden against the fabric of my bra. I tried pushing them down but they only seemed to like that. *quot;Candace, this is only making me hornier.*quot; *quot;I know. Lift up you skirt and take of your panties.*quot; She did as I told her. She lifted up her panties revealing the wet spot she'd made in them. I squeezed my thighs together. *quot;Now what?*quot; She had a phat pussy. I liked that. I told her to part her pussy lips. She did as I instructed. I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the reveal. I licked my full lips in anticipation and right there just below her opening was the swollen little bud that I ached to suck. I've never eaten pussy before. In fact this was the closest I'd ever been to being with a woman but I knew that I could make her scream. I knew I could make her come. I prided myself on this information and even more so at the thought that her very first orgasm could be mine for the taking. I stood and pushed her legs open. She flinched a bit at my touch and her eyes flew open. Then I took one of tuzla kendi evi olan escort her two hands that she was using to hold her lips open and directed one of her fingers to her swollen clit. I got a close look at her beautiful, wet cunt. It was soaked. *quot;Rub this.*quot; I said told her. I found myself think of how good I could make her feel with my mouth or how good we could both feel if we rubbed our pussies together. I was ripped from my thoughts when I heard her breath quicken. A small moan escaped from her lips and then I couldn't take it anymore. I buried my face into her dripping wet cunt. I'm sorry. No scratch that. I'm not sorry. It was the best day of my life sucking her wet pussy lips. Having her thighs on my shoulders and wrapping my lips around that erect bud between her legs.*quot;Candace! What are you-=*quot; she stopped releasing the most exquisite moan I have ever heard. *quot;OH!*quot; she cried out lifting her leg in the air. *quot;Oh my gosh! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't you dare fucking stop!*quot; she screamed. Her wish was my command. *quot;OH MY GOSH!*quot; she screamed clawing at the wall behind her with one hand and gripping the sheets with the other. I made her come at least several times that day. After it was over I got off of my knees and sat back in my chair without another word. *quot;What. Was. That?*quot; she asked. *quot;I don't know.*quot; I answered honestly*quot;Why didn't you tell me you were a lesbian.*quot; *quot;I'm not a lesbian.*quot; *quot;Well you are definitely not straight after that. I don't think I've ever felt that good before.*quot; she said. *quot;You're welcome.*quot; *quot;That wasn't my 'thank you'. But if you let me. I could at least try to return the favor.*quot; I looked at her with surprise. She had the sexiest naughty grin on her face. I returned it whole heatedly. And if I didn't mention it before: This was without a doubt the best day of my life and indeed the start of a long and wonderful relationship. THE END!
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