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Standart Me and my Thai wife on a Saturday evening

Me and my Thai wife on a Saturday eveningYesterday we went out to do some shopping and have lunch. We got back home about 4pm and I had a shower. When I came out my wife was on the sofa so I told her to come into the bedroom with me. After five days off we both wanted it. We slowly started kissing and touching each other, I took off her shorts and underwear so we were both naked on the bed. She was sat in the cowgirl position whilst we were kissing and touching each other, her perfect round tits hanging down. She then moved down to start sucking me. It felt amazing in her mouth as she softly sucked the head and stroked my balls. She then said she wanted me to fuck her tits. So she moved on to her back and I straddled her chest, I started slowly and began going harder between her big tits (photo on my profile). I kept putting it in her mouth to lick too before going back between her tits. Her moans bornova escort whilst I did this were great. I needed a break so I began to kiss her all over and slowly work my way down to her pussy. She was already wet and I began to softly rub her clit before licking her pussy. The taste of her pussy is amazing and I can't get enough of it. She was soaking quickly and writhing around whilst I sucked her clit. After ten minutes of this she had orgasm, her sounds are so arousing when she cums. I then got back on top of her and began sucking her nipples and kissing her. I gently pushed my rock hard dick inside her very wet pussy. She is extremely tight so I always have to start slow or it can hurt her. After a few minutes I sped up the pace and began fucking her quickly, she was lying back moaning and holding her tits which looked amazing as the light drifted through the curtains. escort bornova She is not always the most vocal but she told me not to stop which I loved. I was so turned on watching my cock covered in her wetness. After about 5 - 10 more minutes I needed another break so pulled out. My dick was covered in her juices. She then sat up and sucked me off again. I love when she sucks my dick straight out of her pussy. It turns me on so much. She then said she wanted me to take her from behind. She bent over on all fours. I began to lick her pussy and her asshole from behind. The smell and taste was mind blowing. She was moaning so much. I gently slid inside her in the doggy style position and began fucking her and softly rubbing her ass hole. We did this for about 5 minutes whilst I could see us in the mirror. I love watching me fucking her in a mirror and she then said she bornova escort bayan was going to cum again. This made me so horny as she doesn't always cum through penetration, mostly from oral. I began to give slow long strokes in and out of her pussy and she had orgasm on my dick which made her pussy feel so tight around me. I couldn't believe how wet she was. She usually is, but today it was so much more than normal. I slowly carried on slipping in and out before I felt I was too close to cumming after a 4 day break. She went back on to her back and I straddled her again. She said she wanted me to cum all over her and began stroking me and licking and sucking my head. I didn't last very long as she looked so sexy. I came all over her tits and up to her chin. There was five or six long shots. She then took the head of my dick and very softly licked around the top. She looked so sexy, my cum all over her big tits and her tongue slowly licking the cum off my head. I'd love to share more of these types of sex stories (no extreme shit), maybe an intimate photo or two as well 100% discreetly. If you are interested check my profile and private message me. I'll add more photos soon.
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