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Standart Ballet School Ch. 01

Chapter One-Friendship

It was the first day of class at school the most prestigious dance school in the country and we were all nervous. After studying dance at college for 3 years I knew this was the entry point into major dance companies and I was ready for the challenge. The one year finishing course at Declan School of Dance was rated as the most difficult in the world. If you could survive the year, your career was set. Even getting in here was a huge accomplishment. The best dancers from across the country applied here and acceptance was very Low. The class sizes were about 15-20 dancers. The competition here was intense and all of us had been at the top of our field for most of our lives until now.

At 21 years of age we were starting all over again and all vying for the principal dance spot. That was the main goal, the pinnacle achievement and dream of every dancer. We had an idea of what we were up against. Chris Stephens was the best dancer in the country and had amazing stage presence. He was supposed to be a bit of a Prima Donna, who kept to himself and was merciless if you made mistakes around him. He was a relentless force in practice pushing everyone around and challenging people to keep up and no one could. . His fitness was legendary and he had legs that looked like they were carved by Michelangelo. Thick, muscles thighs that were defined and striated with insane definition. Tight powerful calves that were sculpted like diamonds and a symmetry to his torso that was rumored to be like a Greek statue. Perfect proportions and amazing definition in his musculature. I also heard that he has a great ass and a beautiful bulge. Yes we noticed that too! All dancers checked each other out. Gay or not, it was hard not to see the prominent bulge created by our dance belts. His apparently was larger than most.

I wanted to meet him and get to know him. My theory was if you want to be the best hang with the best. Our instructor was legendary. He was incredibly handsome, tall, powerfully built for a dancer with steely blue eyes, silver hair and a dance style that was intense and powerful. He suffered no fools, trained like a demon and expected the same if not more from all of his students. I looked around to see if I could spot Chris and there he was to my left, warning up his toes and legs. He was dressed in black tights, white leg warmers and a white t shirt. We all were, standard training uniform, except there was nothing standard about those legs. Holy shit he looked like a football player. His thighs were think dense and striated like fine marble and looked like they were going to explode out of his tights. His bulge was beautiful, nice full round balls and his cock thick and straight up, pointing at his firm belly. I hadn't come out yet, but hoped to here. It was as good a place as any, as the sexual exploits were legendary here, just like like any college campus, except here I was surrounded by beautiful men with ballet bodies, carved sinewy legs, and those bulges. Endless bulges surrounding me and at times literally in my face.

Chris had a nice face, soft eyes, and wavy brown hair. He was my height, about 5 9 but seemed bigger somehow. The door swung open and in walked the legend, Jean Paul Verviers, our instructor. He was wearing black tights and a white sweater with a colorful scarf around his neck. He walked in and the room shrank.

*quot;I see one boy warming up, are the rest of you so good that you can afford to stand here like peacocks, *quot; he said his voice booming throughout the the room.

He looked at Chris as he said this and gave him a look that was so commanding, it was like he owned everything and everyone in the room.

*quot;Today we will have a guest before we begin. The Dean would like to speak with you all.*quot;

The Dean of the school was incredible and a living legend in the dance world. One of the worlds greatest dancers, he was rumored to still be able to dance at a high level even though he was in his 60's. *quot;Gentlemen, I present Paul Declan, your Dean and founder of the school and the reason we güvenilir bahis are here.*quot;

Paul walked in dressed for a run, wearing incredible small and tight Lululemon running shorts and a running singlet that showed every inch of his amazing physique. He had soft grey, white down all over his legs and chest and like Jean Paul, silver hair that was wavy and wild in a way. Not what I expected. He veritably prowled around us, telling us about himself and the school, walking around looking at us with what I knew to be lust. He stopped in front of me and looked me up head to toe, then smiling said,

*quot;Dance is life. It is everything that matters. Art makes the world shine with beauty. If you don't believe that, you should ask yourself why you are here. Actually you won't have to ask, you simply won't last. I will demand every inch of you and if you can't give it, you will be asked to leave.*quot;

He stopped in front of Chris as he said this and looked at Chris legs for a long time and I'm sure drank in every curve of his beautiful bulge.

*quot;I will be watching you and working hand in hand with Jean Paul to ensure your success.*quot;

He put his hand on Chris' shoulder and looking around at all of us, said,

*quot;Dance like you love and you will set the world on fire*quot;, and he turned and looked deep into chris eyes. Chris blushing smiled and looked down.

He turned and said

*quot;I'm off for my run, gentleman work hard and dance with passion!*quot;

He left and the room seemed hotter, warm with sweat I felt my cock straining against my dance belt. I looked at Chris and saw that he too was straining the fabric of his belt. I smiled inside

If Chris was gay this just got a whole lot better. I could definitely get into making love with him. He was so beautiful

Apparently the Dean and our instructor felt the same way. I looked at Jean Paul and he was undressing Chris with his eyes.

*quot;Okay boys to the barre, warm-up and then we'll begin.*quot;

We'll begin was an understatement. It was the most gruelling workout of my career and I was known for my stamina and love of ridiculously hard workouts. This was something beyond what I could have imagined or even thought of. My entire body was drenched in sweat and I was already feeling that distinctive burn that let me know that tomorrow would be a painful day. After our barre workout, he worked us for four hours straight, exercise only, core work, legs, toes, hands shoulders, every single part of our bodies were subjected to the most punishing exercise. For starters-100 jumps, two legs, toes pointed. Then one leg at a time. If I see one of you without a pointed toe, we will start from the beginning.

Well of course you know what happened. Someone fucked up and we had to start over. Thankfully that only happened once.

Then we did crab walks, mountain climbers, burpies and then partner carries, piggy back around the room then over our shoulders then held up in the air, then we switched. When he called partners, I had been keeping close to Chris and quickly caught his eye and mouthed the words partner to him. He smiled and his pretty blue eyes danced as he nodded yes and my cock leaped.

I went first and jumped up on his back that was as taught as iron. He grabbed both of my legs firmly but not aggressively and lifted me higher and closer, my bulge and erect cock right up against his back. I held my breath as he must have felt my warm and firm cock against him. He turned his head and lifted me closer saying

*quot;Put your arms tight around me*quot;

I pulled myself even closer and now felt my cock almost flatten against him. He moved like a panther, quickly passing everyone and then stopping, I slid down his back, almost coming in my belt, with the sensation of my cock sliding down his curved back. He turned and without hesitation, bent down and put his arm between my legs and lifted me over his shoulder in one swift move and almost immediately started in a quick trot around the room. He held my firm pulling me down into his powerful shoulders. I bounced gently türkçe bahis up and down, cock and balls rubbing against the back of his shoulder. I felt like I was going to cum. I was so turned on, by him and I felt a connection to him. A deep one that I couldn't explain. On his last lap, he was to hold me in a lift and walk around once. An Incredibly difficult challenge for anyone but I had a feeling Chris was going to do this without much difficulty and I was right. He brought me down off of his shoulder and without a word, put his right hand into the crevice of my hip and his left hand under my shoulder. He lifted and pushed at the same time and in a second I was hovering overhead, holding me with his hand in my hip and his left steadying me, he began walking at a measured clip around the room. I felt his hand so close to my groin that I was sure I was going to burst. My cock was throbbing with desire. He shifted suddenly and his hand slid into my cock. I gasped and he continued on without stopping. We were first to finish and as he put me down, his hand brushed against my cock and he whispered to me, as he climbed up my back,

*quot;That was great, your balance is amazing and so is the rest of you*quot;, as he slid up and into me, I felt his perfect cock and beautiful balls sliding up my back and pressing into me, I heard the breath leave him and a gentle sigh as he placed his head next to my ear

*quot;Go man I don't like to lose, in fact I hate it.*quot;

I flew around the room almost falling and in seconds hoisted him over my shoulder and took off again. I wanted to make up time, because I know the lift would challenge me. I copied his technique, except this time I put my hand right against his cock, which was as hard as corded steel. I walked steadily and felt stronger than I was. My hand rubbing against him as I walked I glanced at Jean Paul who was glaring at me with a look of jealousy. I almost stumbled and blushing finished with a gasp. We were gassed and leaned on each other. That was a mistake.

*quot;So, what made you think you can relax like college football buddies? Is this summer camp?*quot;

We both stood up tall, blushing. Chris spoke first,

*quot;Sorry sir, it won't happen again.*quot;

Jean Paul glared at Chris without saying a word. You could have heard a pin drop

*quot;Class is done, sleep tonight and make sure you stretch and bathe or you will regret it tomorrow. Tomorrow the real work begins. Today was just a warm up. Chris, you can stay for a minute.*quot;

I looked at Chris and whispered thank-you to him. He smiled in that gentle way that I would come to love and dream of for the rest of my life.

I was fast asleep when Chris come back to the dorm. We hadn't been assigned rooms yet and were all in a large room, army style. We were allowed to choose a roommate and then grab a room when we were ready. The school did this to ensure that people were compatible and not forced to live with someone they didn't get along with. I already knew who I wanted. I heard him sniffling and that is what woke me up.

*quot;Hey Chris, what's wrong? Are you okay?*quot;

Stupid question to ask someone who clearly wasn't okay.

*quot;I'm not okay*quot;, he said

This was a trait of Chris' that I truly loved. He was completely honest all the time and unashamed about it.

*quot;What's going on Chris?*quot;

*quot;That guy is cruel. I don't know why, but he seems to have something against me. He made me do leg squats and plies for an hour and then jump splits and finally

Pirouettes until I collapsed. I couldn't do it anymore. My legs gave way. That's never happened to me. Then he laughed at me and said that no one was fitter than him and that my football player legs were useless in the ballet world. He said I looked disproportionate and would be lucky to get anything more than a corps role. Then he leaned over me on the floor, almost face to face and said that if I could handle it, he would make me the greatest ballet dancer the world has ever seen, but first he would have to break me down and then build me up again. He asked if I thought I could güvenilir bahis siteleri handle it.

*quot;What did you say*quot;

*quot;I said I wouldn't be here if I didn't think I could handle it.*quot;

*quot;Then what happened?*quot;

*quot;He kissed me, aggressively. He was all over my mouth, parting my lips with his tongue, holding my face with two hands. I couldn't move and that's not the worse part,*quot; he started crying again.

*quot;I kissed him back and gave him my tongue and I had a hard on. I couldn't resist. I didn't want to but felt trapped. I'm so embarrassed.*quot;

*quot;Chris, you didn't do anything wrong. He violated your trust and what he did is immoral and illegal. Don't be embarrassed by responding. It's normal Chris. We're young men in our prime and we are as I'm sure you've noticed, extremely hormonal. It's normal Chris.*quot;

*quot;If it's normal than why do I feel sick.*quot;

*quot;You feel sick because of how he did it, not what you did. You responded as a healthy man would respond. He shouldn't have done this to you. Chris if you want you can take this to the Dean. I would go with you for support.*quot;

*quot;I could never do that. Did you see the way he was looking at me? I've had this happen before. Older men seem to like me for some reason.*quot; It's never gotten this far, where someone has kissed me like that.*quot;

*quot;Can I ask you something*quot;


*quot;Have you ever kissed a man before?*quot;

He looked down and shook his head.

*quot;Well that's why Chris. It's a very sensual thing and beside the fact that he's a prick, the man is good looking. I got a hard on today looking at him, but now He makes me sick.*quot;

*quot;I find him attractive too, but in a distant way. Not a person that I would want to kiss, which is why I feel ashamed and confused but do you want to know what the biggest reason I'm upset is?

*quot;Yes of course.*quot;

*quot;I wanted my first kiss to be you.*quot;


*quot;Yes. I don't know why but from the moment I saw you I wanted to not only kiss you, but to get to know you, as a friend and more, deeper. You have the most beautiful, unusual eyes I've ever seen. They seem full of mystery, but kind and warm. There is something special and loving about you and when I saw you moving so gracefully and skillfully I was entranced by you. I've never felt this way about anyone Jay. I always speak from the heart and it gets me in trouble

Sometimes but I don't care, I really like you already and it's only one day.

Truth is I've never kissed a man before tonite and I wanted it to be you. Only you.

He smiled that soft smile and my heart melted.

*quot;Chris I'm so overwhelmed. I'm not good at speaking my heart, but I felt the same thing. I had heard about you as a dancer and honestly I was intimidated but also wanted to know you. I thought if I'm going to learn from anyone, I should learn from the best. Then I saw you and everything changed. I felt so much emotion that it swept me away and when we partnered, I was burning up. I've never felt this way before either. I really like you.*quot;

*quot;Can I ask you something Jay?*quot;

*quot;Yes, anything.*quot;

*quot;I want to erase the memory of that kiss, with the one that I really wanted. Can

I kiss you?*quot;

I nodded and sitting up leaned across the narrow space between our bunks and felt his soft lips under mine. His mouth tasted salty and sweet and his lips were soft like satin. He grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me into his mouth placing his arm around my waist and kissing me deeply. I opened my mouth to his probing tongue and tasted deeply of my love.

*quot;That was beautiful Jay, thank-you.*quot;

I smiled and leaning in kissed him gently on the lips, my hand on his soft, delicate face. His skin was like a baby's and his hair silky and delicate. I was in love already.

*quot;We should sleep Jay. Jean Paul is going to be even worse tomorrow.*quot;

*quot;I can't even imagine that, but you're right my friend.*quot;

*quot;Goodnight Jay. I would like to be your roommate as soon as possible.*quot;

*quot;Me too, let's do it tomorrow.*quot;

I lay back in my bunk, warm and deeply content and very tired and very erect.

My hand drifted down and cupped my balls through my bikini underwear and slipping my cock through and to the side, I stroked until I fell asleep with my cock in my hand.
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