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Question Yui Ichikawa

The content of the photo archive:
- I worship in the temple of the divine Yuinyan
- could there be such perfection in human form
- a flower in a barren wasteland
- honouring the mortals of Earth with her presence
- I kneel before her, awed and overwhelmed
- shielding my eyes from her radiance
- my isolation melts before her warmth
- the harshest winter thawed by her smile
- she has taken my heart and soul
- thought of her turns darkness to light
- a glowing beacon to guide my path
- shining amid the chaos and confusion
- an oasis in the desert of the universe
- purifying the waters of our world
- tolerating pale imitation with grace
- she is alone in her magnificence
- how must I demonstrate my devotion
- to cleanse the ground on which she stands
- to brush away unworthy grains of sand
- I follow in her footsteps unquestioningly
- my existence consumed by adoration
- she is my salvation, my spiritual deliverance
- the word love no longer has meaning
- the Ode to Yuinyan is complete
- I am a follower of Yuinyan, Daughter of Nature for whom the universe was created

Number: 25 pics
Size archive: 1 mb

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